Summer's Sizzle Can't Cool Energy Efficiency Efforts

It’s hot. In midsummer you may have exhausted all your answers to how to stay cool, but make sure you've considered the following tips for staying cool and energy efficient in summer.
Run your ceiling fans and your air conditioner at the same time - but turn your air conditioner up a few degrees as the breeze from the fan will keep you feeling cooler, while saving you a few dollars off your power bill.
If the weather is not stifling, try to use your ceiling fans alone to keep a cool breeze circulating. The air conditioner would use 100 times the energy of the fan.
Don't start your air conditioner at a low temperature; it will only cool slower for a longer period of time instead of getting up to the level of coolness that you desire.
Raise the air conditioner temperature a few degrees when you are out of the house during the day. An air conditioner at 69 degrees instead of 78 will cost double the electric power.
Set the air conditioner thermostat to auto, not fan s a level of coolness can be maintained.
Avoid heavy clothing like jeans, wear short sleeves, shorts, cotton.
Keep all windows and doors closed when air conditioning is running.
Close all shades drapes and blinds to keep to keep the hot sun out.
If you have central air conditioning or a heat pump don't close off rooms or registers, uneven heating or cooling in the home won't save money =and could damage your cooling system.
Ensure that your air ducts do not leak into the attic or under the house.
Seal all air leaks in windows and doors with caulk and weather-stripping to keep the cool air from escaping or the hot air from infiltrating.
Turn off lights when you leave a room - 99% of a light bulb's energy is converted to heat; don't use what you don't need.
Cooking outdoors avoids heating the house and can get you outdoors under shade trees.
Any time you can avoid using electric power in summer you are lowering your bill while finding ways of staying cool you can be energy efficient, comfortable, and contributing to reducing unneeded energy production and its unnecessary carbon contribution to the atmosphere.
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