Small-Scale Wind Power in Portland, Oregon

Energy Efficiencies can be found almost anywhere people live. You can use your own roof to generate power. You can seal up your building with insulation, use Energy Star appliances, use a programmable thermostat on your air conditioner, and there will still be room for more energy efficiency. Look at your way of life, where can you do things more efficiently? Where can you cut back on your electricity consumption or make it more effective? Where you find energy savings you will have found money savings. You Can Afford to Save Energy! 

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I am a Seattle-based writer. Energy efficiency and the achievement of human potential are my goals. I have worked as a legislative aide and a database manager, and recently started building a money- and energy-saving household goods online store featuring sensible and affordable home environment solutions including ENERGY STAR qualified products. Contact: Twitter: @Greenbespoke @SaveWattsatHome