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Brick Maker Sees Energy Efficiency Protection from Recession
The world's biggest brick maker, Weinerberger, will not suffer from recession as much has others, due to energy efficiency. The brick maker’s chief executive, Heimo Scheuch told CNBC on August 18 "We are much more focused on energy efficiency building. Here you have a mega trend in that new build is much more energy efficient and our products and our group are used much more in this respect. Therefore we are not so much in the current trend of the market." He added, "if you build energy efficient buildings you create more jobs...We can show people that if you build the whole envelope with brick you get more energy efficiency over time.”

LED Pilot Program to Save Sacramento $1.3 Million
By replacing its parking garage lighting with new light-emitting diodes (LEDs) the City of Sacramento expects to save taxpayers $1.1 million over the life of the bulbs and reduce carbon emissions equivalent to the effect of more than 250,000 trees. The more than 1,700 fixtures will reach payback within five years, eliminating the need for four or five conventional light bulb replacements, which consume 210 watts while the LEDs consume 70 watts. Sensors on the LEDs will reduce their intensity when no motion is detected from parkers or their cars, stepping power demand down to 28 watts. The $1.3 million up front cost was covered by an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the US Department of Energy revolving loan program. Sacramento is also installing LEDs in street lights, with a goal of saving $1,000 per light over the ten year life span of the LEDS, or $200,000 savings for the 200 lights in the pilot program.

The Promise of Energy Efficiency Webinar
A free webinar, “David Goldstein and the Promise of Energy Efficiency”, will be presented on Thursday, September 1 at 12:00 PM ET. David Goldstein, author of "Invisible Energy: Strategies to Rescue the Economy and Save the Planet," is energy program co-director at the Natural Resources Defense Council. He will be interviewed by Annemarie Newman, external affairs manager at the Energy Center of Wisconsin, which uses a "data-driven approach inclusive of industry, nonprofit and government perspectives to advance sound energy efficient practices and policies.” The presentation is intended to offer "a high-level conversation to inspire thinking outside of conventional bounds on energy efficiency policy, programs, incentives and implementation in the built environment." Registration is now open on the Webinar's announcement page.

Challenge to Achieve 25% Energy Use Reduction by 2021
A challenge was issued this week by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) to reduce the region's energy use in the next ten years. The challenge, called the 25inTENsity Challenge has already signed up the Northwest Food Producers Association, the Oregon Association of Nurseries, and Winerywise, the Washington Guide to Sustainable Winery Practices. The NEEA's 25inTENsity home page  points out that "Energy Efficiency is a quick route to productivity, lower costs and risk and improved ROI."
The NEEA’s 25inTENsity website offers on demand videos and webinars to "bring together thought leaders, industry experts and insights in peer-to-peer exploration of strategic energy management." Webinar topics  include "Why Energy? - Energy Efficiency Sustains Competitive Advantage;" "Strategic Energy Management - Industry experts detail strategic energy management as a mechanism for industry health and innovation;" and "Innovation Collaboration - Setting an Industry Energy Goal - Learn how industrial energy visioning and goal setting sustain global competiveness.” Follow this exciting collaboration as new industry groups join and set their own goals for Energy Efficiency improvements.

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